We offer team building courses and team building workshops, as well as special events and outings for groups of any size.

Rock climbing classes, ice climbing classes, peak climbs, snowshoe hikes, and trail hikes are perfect activities for group outings or team-building workshops.

Climbing develops a unique bond of trust between participants. You learn new skills in a safe, relaxed, and fun setting. It encourages leadership qualities and self-confidence as well as working together as a team. All our classes are taught out-of-doors where you experience nature in a new and exciting way.

We teach rock climbing in the Boulder area year-round. Boulder offers some of the world's finest rock climbing and many Boulder climbs, such as the Third Flatiron, are iconic.

During the cold months, December through March, we also teach ice climbing and lead snowshoe hikes.

The world of vertical ice is one of ethereal beauty and ice climbing is a sport that is very accessible to most people. All our ice climbing classes are conducted in safe, carefully controlled situations.

Snowshoe hikes take place in the high mountains where you witness the beauty and solitude of nature in winter. Snowshoeing is a sport that can be done by anyone who can walk. We normally hike for a few hours to a high lake or overlook, brew up hot drinks and have lunch, and then return to the car by late afternoon.

Trail hikes in the immediate Boulder area are year-round activities and range from easy strolls to strenuous walks, always in a natural setting of spectacular beauty. Summer high country trail hikes visit pristine mountain lakes or one of the passes topping the Continental Divide.

In summer we climb peaks. Several fourteeners are within easy driving distance from Boulder, and dozens of dramatic thirteener summits are easily reached. Peak climbs range from serious hiking to roped climbing, depending upon individual goals. Standing on the summit of one of our magnificent peaks is a thrill of a lifetime.

These are sports that can be enjoyed by most everyone regardless of age or experience. We specialize in teaching beginners and have conducted many classes for schools such as Regis University, Denver University, and Kansas University as well as organized countless company get-togethers.

We lead groups of all sizes from 5 people to as many as 20 or more. Programs can be half day, full day, or multi-days.

Contact us for further information and let us customize a program to suit your particular requirements.